Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Máquina, "Earth's Daughter" (1971?)

Máquina, "Earth's Daughter"

Though I'm no Obama devotee, something of historical significance seems appropriate today: Máquina's 1971 debut, Why? Máquina!, was the first rock record to come out of Francisco Franco's fascist Spain. The LP itself is largely in the jammy/free-improv psych vein, not entirely unlike early Santana plus Saucerful of Secrets Floyd, but the CD version on Picap/Actual (a Spanish reissue label, from the looks of things) includes a couple of miscellaneous tracks of indeterminate origin, the best of which is "Earth's Daughter," a piece of theatrical piano-and-strings baroquerie that mines territory similar to that being explored at the same time by David Bowie on Hunky Dory. Good sheet; czech the download.

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